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T&M Business Consulting & Accounting/CPAs


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Entity Formation

We can help you with entity formation, which involves legally creating a business entity such as a corporation or LLC by fulfilling requirements like registration and obtaining a business license. This step is crucial for protecting personal assets, establishing credibility, and providing a framework for business operations.

Taxes & Licenses

We can help you with taxes and licenses by providing guidance on compliance, reporting, tax planning, and obtaining the necessary licenses to operate legally. Taxes are financial obligations to the government, while licenses are permits that allow businesses to operate in a specific industry or area. We can assist you in navigating these complex areas to avoid legal issues and penalties.

Business Compliance

We can help you with business compliance by providing guidance on relevant laws and regulations, developing policies and procedures, conducting risk assessments, and providing employee training. Compliance involves ensuring that a business operates within legal and industry standards, covering areas such as data privacy, workplace safety, and advertising. Failure to comply can result in legal issues and damage to your reputation. Let us assist you in reducing risk and building trust with customers, employees, and stakeholders through effective compliance measures.

Business Services

We can help you with a range of business services, including accounting, legal, marketing, IT support, human resources, and management consulting. Outsourcing these services can improve efficiency and allow you to focus on core business activities. Our team of professionals can provide tailored services to meet your needs and budget, from bookkeeping and tax preparation to digital marketing and strategic planning. Let us help your business thrive.

IRS Audits

We specialize in guiding you through the intricate process of IRS audits with expert representation and personalized support. Our seasoned tax professionals are well-versed in IRS audit procedures and tax laws, ensuring that your interests are protected and your audit is resolved successfully. We offer comprehensive services, including audit preparation, representation, negotiation, and compliance assistance. Facing an IRS audit can be stressful, but with our experienced team by your side, you can navigate it with confidence. Let us be your trusted partner in achieving a favorable audit outcome and securing your financial peace of mind.

Tax Mitigation Strategies

We can help you plan for retirement by providing guidance on retirement savings options, investment strategies, and social security planning. Retirement planning involves setting aside money and investing wisely to achieve your retirement goals. Our team of professionals can help you create a comprehensive retirement plan that fits your unique needs and circumstances, including maximizing contributions to retirement accounts such as 401(k)s and IRAs, developing an investment strategy, and considering healthcare costs and potential inflation. Let us help you achieve a financially secure future.

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